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If you can cook it, you can Grill’it!

Whether you are an expert on outdoor cooking or just getting started, we have the perfect tools for your cooking needs.

Our unique camping skillet is one of the most versatile pieces of camping cookware you will ever use. The Grill’it is a griddle and skillet, combined, which comes in many sizes, to fit all of your outdoor cooking needs. It can be placed on a wide variety of heat sources and the cooking possibilities are truly endless.

In addition to our Grill’its, we also have several accessories, including barbecue utensils, and a fire stand/grill. Browse our site to see all of our products, like our New Prospector Portable Camp Stoves.

The Prospector Camp Stove is well built, compact, and portable.

This stove is engineered to last with the needs of the true outdoorsman in mind.

They now come with either a single tube burner for your Grill’it camp skillet or a dual burner with a tube burner and a round burner for Dutch Ovens, coffee pots, and other round pans.

burner tube.jpg (10867 bytes)The tube burner design creates even heat across the entire skillet surface (click image for larger view). This stove will even cook in the wind! Please visit our Camp Stoves page to find out more.

We are continuing to increase and improve our camp stove line. This is our newest addition. The single burner small is even compact enough to take with you on day trips in your Jeep or car.

We have also added other sizes of single burner stoves to fit individual needs.

With the additions of the Mini-Grill’it and the Lonesome Prospector fry pan, we now have four great sizes of our unique skillets. One or more of them are sure to fit your needs.

The Mini-Grill’it is perfect for campers and motor homes. It covers 2 burners and still leaves room for your coffee pot. While it may be smaller, it’s just as versatile as the original. For more information on this product, click here.

For more information about where you can see us and find out what’s going on at The Prospector Grill’it click on News & Events.


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